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Handmade Cards for Love

The demonstration of love is very important for it makes the other person realize his or her worth in your eyes. Not necessarily the girls only want to hear love words but boys equally wanted to listen nice and lovely words and if you describe your feelings and sentiments in written form then it will make your beloved feel special and happier. The tradition of making card is coming from a long time but still today the pleasure and happiness that it gives to its receiver is as before. For making a card you need to give your time and no one can deny the fact your loved one only demands your attention and consideration for some time.

If you have a loved one then you are a lucky person and you should always give time to the other person and saying some lovely words would not be sufficient, always you have to prove what you are saying. For this purpose make a card on your own and write your feelings and this activity will prove the other person that he or she is really special in your eyes. This task is not very difficult and here are some ideas for you to make a lovely card for your loved one.

Lovely card with theme;

Making a card with a theme behind it shows your intelligence and different thought from the others. So you are going to propose someone and have a deep love for him or her. Make a lovely card with red and white combination. Take white chart paper and cut it into the size of normal card. Then make round shape card giving it effect of clutch, a place where a bee lives. Then cut a heart shape card and place it in front of the previous one but smaller than that. Make a small bee on the heart and write on one side bee mine as shown in the picture here. This will convey your message to the other in an amusing way that you want your partner to live in your heart instead of living the place where he or her lives.

Send your love within a card;

Undoubtedly true love is selfless who only knows to give. Send your lovely and deep feelings by making a card which can show your heartily feelings coming out of your heart. In the picture shown here small sized heart shaped cards are arranged in such a way as they are coming out of a card which has opened. On a normal sized card paste an envelope that is open and place small heart shaped cards on it. You can write something special on the envelope but these two words sending love are describing the theme of the whole card very well.

Write three most awaited words on card;

Three lovely words that are most awaited in the world if found written then it gives pleasure and amusement to the partner. You can write these three words with special technique as shown here. With the help of wire stand these heart shaped cards and cut chart paper writing I and U and make these stands on the side of the heart as such it can be closed and as soon as open the three letter stands at instance. The edges of the cards can be decorated with red color chart paper that is designed in beautiful shapes.

Fully embellished card with sequins and beads;

To make an embellished card you need to have some extra accessories like beads, buttons, rhinestone, sequins and glitter. Make two heart shaped cards and place it on another chart paper that is in the size of a normal card. Decorate this card with beads or button in a way that it would look statement making. In the picture two balloons in the shape of heart are flying up as two hearts are feeling like in air. This type of card will also convey your feelings that you want to make your heart and your loved one fly higher in the sky with happiness and joy of getting each other.

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