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Handmade Cards Ideas In Different Designs

The gifts are given to the others in many styles and form because the exchanging of the gifts is way to increase your love  but gifts can break and  after use we wastes the gifts but the cards remain with us forever.

The cards are made in  different style colors and prints and for the every person of the house and family you can make the cards  if you want to make the cards for lovely ones then use the colorful things, buttons, lace ,ribbons, stones and the sheets  with  paints.

Because handmade cards are not very difficult  but you have to something creative and industrious  because when you make your card  by yourself  then you can use the  favorite color of your special one  cards are made on the different events.

For your husband father brother and son make the something light color card because their dressing is also in the dark color for the friend, cousins and the daughter use the colorful  things for your mother  grandmother  and mother in law  make the something decent and sophisticate cards.

Here I have some ideas for you to give the cards to your every member of house so stay with us and see the cards which you can make at home.

Funny cards ideas:

The people who want to make the cards for their kids and the little children they can make something colorful and bloomy because the color Attract the kids and they really like your cards and gifts.

So different cartoon characters can make on the cards take a blue color hard chart and make it in the square style then made your kid’s favorite cartoon like the ogee, tom, spider man, doremon and other cartoon.

Because  these cartoon are very famous among the kids use the different color like the orange, red, green and the glittered paper for making you card  something shiny with different color chart make the eyes  and nose of the cartoon  fish aquarium is also looking nice.

At the place of aquarium you can make the cage of the birds but in the aquarium make  colorful  fish  with the water paint make the water and grass.

Card for the friend and boyfriend:

On the different events you want to share your feelings and include your friends in your happiness then make the cards for them in the different way it will really give them joy because a person who spend his precious time to make the card is really liked him or her  on the valentine day make the romantic card for your boyfriend take the dark brown color hard chart and male it in.

The  rectangle shape with the colorful butter paper make the hearts and in the style of balloons  paste  it on the card with love you mark.  For the friends make the block printed card and make different color umbrella because you have spent all the season together  on the different shapes can be  made on the cards for the outstanding look.

Cards for mother:

Your mother is the best friend in the world  and there is no day to wish  them because you should  show your love everyday but  in your spare time you can make the cards for your mother  take the hard chart paper  in any color which your mother like pink and mauve colors these  are best  for giving them  take the dotted pink color chart.

And make the heart on the card with buttons  tiny and large style with the chiffon bow in the side of the card  give it to your mother  light colors are best for giving your elders  take simple card and make the different flowers and cut it in the net style  like beautiful flowers, butterfly ,heart shapes and many other  pattern  on the card  with the flowers.

Wishing cards for husband and father:

On the birthdays , Eid  , wedding ceremony and the different other occasions make the cards at home   it will give them real happiness  so the shirt style card is very beautiful it is great idea for you  take a violet  color card  and make the collar with the hard chart and attach it with thumbnail  and in the light color make the tie  and attach it in the center of your cards  it is best for giving your husband or daddy  in another style the  take light color card and make the colorful balloons in the center of card and in the end bind the thread like the cluster of balloons  and if you want to wish your husband then  make the hearts on the card.

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