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Handmade Cards Collection with Coffee Cup Ideas

Receiving mails and texts is the trend of this busy age whenever wishing or greeting a special moment and this looks like we have modified or limited our life to the social media. I miss the days when sending wishing cards were really a beautiful tradition that can renew in this busy and scheduled era. Well forgetting the social media at all and rejoicing time making handmade card would be great thing for us, in fact it gives opportunity to spend creative time. The eternal smile on the face of receiver after having the handmade card is definitely memorable that is why I always recommend designing handmade cards as they are the true source of collecting joys by presenting to someone.
Handmade coffee cup card is just for those who are crazy for this taste and for presenting to a coffee lover the card will make him feel more energetic and also happy that you have remembered two things about him, the coffee and the greeting for happening something special.
There are a lot of events and occasions when you make someone wish what blesses him but it’s not the restriction to be only depends upon the special moments and time but make every moment special giving card to make someone realize how much worth and value he/she has in your life. Well the coffee cup has all the pleasure created on a handmade card, give it to anyone who means a lot like parents, siblings, lover friend or others. Have a look please.

Coffee cup beautiful handmade card:

1. Handmade card by using the Coffee cup

This handmade card has beautiful design with the amazing words of ‘ahhhh… That feeling when the first sip of Coffee touches your soul’. Give it to your special person who just wants the coffee as necessarily as your presence means. The card can make at home but you have to search for special card with coffee cups otherwise simple card can be used.

Birthday handmade coffee cup card:

2. Handmade card by using the Coffee cup

This is simply a beautiful handmade card only by pasting coffee cup and writing your precious feelings. Well the white coffee cup can make by hands by cutting or you may cut it from available cards that are at home. Make the birthday person realize that his birthday is as important as a cup of coffee.

Crafty handmade card:

3. Handmade card by using the Coffee cup

You may add the blend of beautification like button, plaid stripes and a flower to card. Just draw a coffee cup on sky blue card with perfect shape and paste it on the white card. Get the flower and beautify it between the coffee cup and stripy tape. Tuck one button or you may design two to three it up to you.

Burlap handmade coffee card:

4. Handmade card by using the Coffee cup

The card has just brown and brown shades of coffee, burlap piece on handmade items look so creative especially when a burlap bow is styled on card but here you should cut a square piece of burlap on which coffee cup and coffee beans has to styled. Greet what you want to anyone or just simplify write the Coffee.

Card to warm the heart:

5. Handmade card by using the Coffee cup

Love card for your lover with a taste of coffee would be much more to have warmth in your relation. Present this coffee cup handmade card to your lover and tell her that “You warm my heart”. Tiny red hearts can put that can be cut from red card paper or the red stickers that is easily accessible to market.

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