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Handmade Butterfly Cards Step by Step Ideas

How to Make Butterfly Card Easy Tips:

I love giving & accepting cards. You know cards? Oho of course yes you will be because like all other things cards are also getting a very special place into our everyday life. We use cards for wishing happy birthday to our friends, family members, near & dears. We use cards on anniversary, for wishing a happy marriage as well as for congratulating a person on success or promotion. Cards also used on the baby birth for wishing. Cards used for apologizing. Cards used to propose someone. In short at every little & big event cards are becoming necessary. I think you usually go into the market & buy a card & give it to the other person. Yes, I know it’s very easy but you can make it very special for the other person by making a card with your own hands. Yes, these cards are called handmade cards. Today I am going to discuss the butterfly handmade cards ideas with you. I think the butterfly design is almost perfect for making a card for any event. It is best for birthday to anniversary, from sorry to thank you, from mother’s day to teacher’s day, from sisters to friends & so on.

Draw, Cut & Paste Butterfly on Card Idea:

1 2 3 draw butterfly on paper

According to this idea, you need a white paper. Now take led pencil & draw the butterfly pattern as shown into the above picture. Now take scissor & cut the butterfly by following drawing. Now paste this butterfly on the front page of the card. You can paste one butterfly or two or three. You can cut butterflies in equal size or unequal size. You can use colorful papers for making colorful butterflies or you can go with monochromatic tone or two color combination. The choice is completely yours. Be creative & make the simple butterfly cards by using your own ideas. If you like then you can decorate this butterfly by pasting beads, sequins or by filling glitter in it.

Pop Up Butterfly Card Step by Step Tutorial:

4 pop up butterfly card

This is a pop up butterfly card. In first step a simple card is cut from the card paper. Next by drawing straight lines, with pencil, with equal distance into the center of card & then this card is folded 3 to 4 times from the center. These folded part become elevated into the center. The left & right part of the card is covered with other colorful printed paper. Now the pre-cut butterflies & bushes are pasted into the elevated area of the card. Firstly, bushes are pasted & then one butterfly is pasted on each bush. Gum stick can be used for pasting. Let it dry & use this card for your loved ones.

Pre-Attached Butterfly cut Card:

5 butterfly cut on paper card

This is another idea of making butterfly card. As the above pictures illustrate that in this card making idea you never need separate butterflies. Just draw butterfly sketch on the card & then use a cutter for cutting but you never need to cut the butterfly as a whole but leave it uncut from the center so that it stay fix with card. You can create one butterfly into the center of card or you can create vertical or horizontal pattern. You can try diagonal design or cross way design.

Button Butterfly Card Ideas:

6 button buttfly card idea

By using button you can create butterfly card. How? Well, first you need to draw butterfly sketch on the card. Now fill this sketch with buttons.  You can use one color of buttons or you can go with colorful buttons if you want to create multicolor butterfly. The size of buttons can also vary.

Butterfly Created on Card with Fabric:

7 fabric butterfly card

In to the above pictures you can see that butterfly card is made simply by using colorful & printed fabric. You can paste the fabric on card by following two different ways. One is front of the card & second is back side of the front of card. If you want to paste fabric on the top of card I mean on the front side then draw a butterfly sketch on the fabric & cut it from scissor & paste this butterfly design piece of fabric on the card. For second method you need to draw butterfly sketch on the card & then remove this part of card by using a cutter & now attach a piece of cloth at the back of card. The piece of clothe can be cut in square shape. From front side this piece of fabric will ultimately look like butterfly design due to butterfly cutting of card.

Different Ideas for Butterfly Card:

8 ribbon butterfly card

You can create very stylish butterfly card by using butterfly stickers, butterfly brooches (pearl brooches, crystal brooches, beads brooches etc), by creating butterfly by using origami techniques & by roiling paper as shown into the above pictures. You can also create butterflies by using silk ribbons. Believe me by using these ideas you can create very beautiful & impressive cards for those people who have very special place in your life & heart.

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