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Handmade Birthday Cards for Boys, Guys, Dads, Fathers, Grandfathers

 Ideas to make cards for your dear ones

Card making is such an art which is not present in everybody because very few people are gifted by the God   who has such abilities but if you are something creative then you must enhance your ability of   creativity. card making is very  easy and good  activity  which you can do  in your leisure  because in your spare time you want to  do something which is  special  so you can make cards  for your dears  like your father, brother, boyfriend ,grandfather, dad whatever you are  affiliated . If your father birthdays is near then make them card and present him he will really appreciate you and for your grandfathers must make a beautiful card on their birthday because they are very associated with their   paternal and maternal children. For making the cards you can use different things  which is available  in  your home at any time buttons ,lace, markers,  paints and many other thing to make card.

0+ Handmade Birthday Cards for Boys , Guys, Dads, Fathers, Grandfathers

1.    Now a day’s boy  and  guys use  different drink    because it become trend in them so  when there is birthday of  ant boy whethe5r it is your boy friend’s your brother and  boy  cousins   whose birthday is near then you can make card at your home on the birthday take a simple card  and make different shapes and styles and use the buttons to make it colorful and give it to your     boyfriend it will give  him pleasure  you can make shirts , balloons and different funny faces for your  close guys and boys because they  can  bear your jokes and become happy to see your  hand made cards.
1. Handmade Birthday Cards for Boys , Guys, Dads, Fathers, Grandfathers

2.    On the birthday  of your father you can do many things because father and dad are such person who are  loving to us  and  love us without any lust only father and mother love is  everlasting so when our father  care us  and remain conscious about us then it is our   duty to   take care of their pleasure  so make the cards for your father birthday  with your hands because they become very happy to see these cards if your father likes the fish then make the fish picture with colorful paints and write happy birthday. You can make tie  and shirts  on the cards  with colorful marker and write the compliments and you can write quotations  for your father which can feel them happy and emotional towards you.
2. Handmade Birthday Cards for Boys , Guys, Dads, Fathers, Grandfathers

3.    Grand fathers re the blessings of God because they love very, much to their grand son and daughter so respect your grandfather and make their life enjoyable because they feel happiness in the company of children because when the person become old   they again become children    so make the lovely cards for them with your hands they will keep it save forever because they know   the value of your feelings. You can make the pictures f your grandfather and grandmother on the card and group photos can also paint it on the cards.
3. Handmade Birthday Cards for Boys , Guys, Dads, Fathers, Grandfathers

4.    Simple birthday cards can be make for the   guys, boys ,father, dads and grandfather make flowers  ,balloons and different shapes on the cards and use glitter to  highlight the compliment happy birthday because birthday is a special day  for everyone if you make such cards then you will really  appreciated   by  your dear ones  because  you  have   spent your  a lot of time on the   card making .
4. Handmade Birthday Cards for Boys , Guys, Dads, Fathers, Grandfathers


make cards but remember the events and personality of the  other because sometime we make card without judging the personality of the others  so for the boys    make light and colorful cards for your boys ,cousins and guys  but for the father go  with normal colors  because they  senior and like decent things and for your grandfather make  funky  and funny cards  for  your  grandfather because they become happy  in your company.

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