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Graceful and Decorated Handmade Card Ideas

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Greeting cards are very old tradition in the world .In previous years cards greeting trend is very much inn but now internet and mobile phone have changed this tradition but at this time many people send their feelings through the cards with their hands. I am talking about handmade card which is very easy and heart touching task. When you make card for someone then it shows the love and feelings for other because we have no time to stand for extra things but when we make cards for our dear one then we expand our lot of time and hard work in that work .If you want to wish anyone then a handmade card is best to wish him or her. Now you are thinking that how we can make hand make cards? Everyone has at least one quality of art some have good imagination, some have good thoughts and ideas, some have information about colors etc then a little effort can groom your one quality and this one quality motivate you to learn next to next .If you want to surprise others with your gifts then make a handmade card and give him, here we have different ideas to make cards.

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Elegant and beautiful cards for your dear one’s:

Family and friends have much importance in our life and their happiness is our first preference and we want to buy their happiness at any cost. If your mother, father, sister etc birthday is near then you should make card for them .You have need some cards, glue, crape paper, formic sheet, paints and colors etc are main things which are used by you in making cards .It is not necessary that cards are only sends on any event or eid birthday etc but there is no day for expressing your feelings. In the card making you should keep one thing in your mind that thing which is very important for you that the color choice and liking of different things are above. The color scheme of your cards should be according to the style of that person whom you have given that card. If you are making card for your father or mother then you should select some light and classy colors and if your card is for your friend or sisters then you can choose very attractive and bold color for them.


Handmade card for teachers:

Teachers are next to your parents therefore we should give them much respect because they help us in our mentally level rather we can say that teachers are the spiritual father of us. You can give handmade card for your teachers on the event of teacher’s day .If you have got good position in exam then you can present a thank you card to your teachers. Teachers can impress your wishing style because through the card you can express your emotions in text form .Children can make simple hand make card with different things but with your little effort your card can be a perfect and classic card .You can use different laces,ribbons ,stones , buttons ,patches and mirror to flourish your card .Now the spring season is come and winter is out you can give fall winter cards for your teachers and your special persons .There are many ways to decorate your cards but you should be creative and having fun ideas .



In the last we can say that cards are very good and authentic things to make the other day memorable and when it is made of hand then it can enhance the feelings of love with others. The way of making card and color scheme tell us your feelings and lovely emotions for your dear one, s.It is my suggestion with the gift a handmade card must be attached to show your love and value in your eyes.


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