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Funny Handmade Card for Mom

How to make funny cards for my mother

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Mother is such a personality who understand her child   in a correct way she can know everything about her child and    she loves her child without any lust   and greed . we have no need to   celebrate a separate day for mothers because every day of us  are  goods for wishing the mothers  because they do very much special for us and it is our duty that we  take care of them parents whether she is mother or father both  are do  very effort for growing ,feeding and educating us but  we do nothing for them  it is not a good think if they  fulfill their  duty then it is their right to respect them love them and  taking care of them .we wish our friends   and fellows on their birthday ,eid greetings,  valentine day ,Christmas and the  friendship day but wish the mothers only the mother day no it is wrong  wish your mother in a great style   and when you will make a card for your mother it will give them pleasure and  will happy to see and praise your creativity  so it is very easy to make good cards  for your mother  and give it to your mother at any time.

Different cards for mom:

Take different hard charts and cut it in the shape of cards and make different pattern on your cards  and write a good message for your mother and you can add your mother’s favorite color  in the cards  and cartoon characters are also good to make them laugh  and it is good way to  provide them  the  chance of smiling and you can paint your  memorable naughty day which you have  taunted by your mother  on the cards it can give you a smile and  the buttons and motifs are available in your home  you can use it for making cards  and you can write a   funny quotation on the card .with the motifs ,ribbons , laces and the buttons to make your card interesting and  funny .if your mother  like the flowers and the  other pattern of  the   plants and you can make a funny look of  mother  on the cards means  make  a   funny face on the  card and color it according to your   mother’s liking you should must give  you a card to your mother with this elegancy I have some cards  for you which can  make your mother  laugh and make strange shapes   of the  animal and the fruits on the  cards and make a  smiley face with cute funny  wording.
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card making is a fun you have to need something to made it but it can be made by the creative person   you can collect your favorite  color which are liked by your   dear ones  and funky colors are great choice to make your card  funny  for your mother  and get different chances to  make someone laugh.

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