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Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

How to make  paper smooches at home

0. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

On the Friday all people do fun at home because we hear the noise of the children and the elders everyone is in the mood of  fun  when you fed up with the dull routine of the whole week then you want to celebrate such a day which is full of happiness and fun .on the Friday we feel happy because  we are with our friends and exchange the  paper smooches and paper smooches  is such a  fun brand  in the paper smooches it is fun for everyone and it is source  to cheer up the others   and make your friends laugh, and give a feeling of other that you are missing him . There are so many paper smooches which are made for the  others to  make him surprise   if you want to do fun on this Friday then make paper smooches and  give it to your friend because smooches means is love and hug  so with this  card you can show your love and  affiliation  with your near one so here I have some ideas to make smooches  so come with us and see the  design of    paper smooches  then you will be able to make  these  cards .
0+ Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

1.    The variety of color is adding a new looking your simple card  take a simple color paper and  design it with marker and paints  if your friend love the  flower then give this floral smooches to him on the fun Friday and make him surprised with your creativity.

1. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

2.    For the funny gestures and the  poses  you can make animal style things and the different pattern on your simple pattern like this card the cat is  in the garden looking nice and this card giver to your age fellows.
2. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

3.    On  any Friday you can arranged a party which is on the fruit themed then you can make different fruits  on the paper  and give it to your girlfriend  and your cousins and age fellows because when you meet your fellows after whole week then you should must  say your friend hello ! hi!
3. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

4.    If it is the day of autumn and the  arrival of autumn then you should must enjoy a  day which is in the welcome of  autumn season and this day  should be  celebrated on the Friday with great fun  so take a white paper and make a fallen leaves tree and give this smooches to your friend for wishing her/her happy autumn day.
4. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

5.    White color smooches with the   foamy sheet photo crops   can made on the  paper and it can be made with the dark pink and light pink  then you can  make an emotional  effects I miss you  and I love you such  comments on the  paper.

5. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

6.    You can wish your friend in a funny way on his /her birthday with these smooches and make your Friday full of fun and joy and you can write hippo birdie to you and such type of   comment and views on the smooches.
6. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

7.    When you are with your friends then that is day when you feel yourself lucky so on the Friday fun you feel lucky with your friend and   on the smooches you can write a special happy etc and make a colorful card for your friends.
7. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

8.    If you  go in the  party and you see a girl and you really like it then make a smooches which  describe your emotion like hey beautiful ,hi cutie  etc because it can tell your love towards her. There are so many ways to express your love through the smooches because it is great thing to give the other and smooches means is basically love, hug and kiss.
8. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches 9. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches 10. Friday Fun with Paper Smooches

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