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Fabulous Handmade Cards With Creative Work

Cards giving tradition is lovely and this can increase the mutual love between two persons. A wife can give card to husband or husbands can give card to wife, a son or daughter look very cute and lovely making cards for parents, a student can make card for teacher and you can make cards for cousins and close friends.

On different occasions you can make cards to make the event special for the other person. Bring creativity to make cards unique and different keeping in mind a theme for the card. You can use floral lace, artificial flowers, pearl, beads and buttons to adorn the cards.

Go different from what you have designed on cards and bring versatility from the casual look of the cards:

A card for mother:

This card is looking great with the imagery of kettle and it is décor with flowers and pigeon at one side. Decorated with lace the card is looking very pretty and adorable. The main designing is of kettle and it is representing all cover the kitchen.

Mothers are usually found in kitchen doing works so say thanks to mother for their devotion with making this kind of card. Ribbons are used to make flowers and the whole card is looking outstanding with its look.

Happy birthday card for friend or cousin:

Make this lovely and pretty looking card for your friend and make her feel special with this amazing thing. You can make this card at home pasting flowers and pearls at center. Ribbon in bow style with button at center is doing a lot work for making the card look expensive. For a female friend this pink and candy pink color shades with the contrast of white color will look very nice and attractive.

Fairyland imagery on card:

This imagery of fairy on card will fill the heart of the receiver with pleasure. If you desire to make your friend feel out of this world then opt for this card. A fairy on card with her magical stick is looking very pretty and beautiful. Especially if you have young siblings then you can make this card for her.

These kinds of imagery give fabulous look and the receiver will love to keep this card in her room top décor her showcase. As soon as the receiver will open the card she will feel herself in the world of magic so consider this designing of card for the happiness of your closed one.

Card with pearl lace and butterflies:

This card is looking magnificent and this is all over decor with pearl lace and butterflies on it. This happy birthday card will show your sophisticated personality to its viewers and also will tell others about your choice.

Butterflies and pearl lace are looking amazing and this card is looking thousand worth-praising. One circled shape card on front with written words of happy birthday. You can give this card to your teacher on her birthday and it will please you a lot.



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