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Exclusive Handmade Card Designs with Totally Different Styles

So, cards’ giving is the beautiful tradition and also a way of collecting memories that last for years. It’s nice to open up all the card stuff that has given by your dear ones and feel the love feelings and especially the time, someone spent in making a beautiful handmade card. A big advantage of presenting a handmade card to someone is that you make him feel special and glorious, secondly the less budget that you may manage effectively.
Well there is a lot of stuff available on internet through which you can get ideas of making beautiful crafty cards but I always in search of uniqueness and unusual designs that can even stun the person correctly, so keep reading my article because today I have a bash of wonderful cards that are easy to make and have different designs. Well it’s a fact that handmade cards always look unique and one of its kind but to make the out of world thing, you will have to stick to me post.
There are a lot of events and occasions in our life that give us opportunity to show or grant love to over close relations like parents, siblings, relatives, friends, lover or husband. Find the time anyway to greet your relations by simply presenting your creative handmade card.
At first, beginners find this activity a panic but soon you will start enjoying having a lot of ideas and also command over using different items that are cheap and budget friendly. So let’s come to unbind the collection that is just a wow thing.

Christmas card idea:

1. Merry Christmas card design

This one is gorgeous in which Christmas tree has been made with a green ribbon and pearls over it while the star at the top has different colors. This different card can make easily in a short period of time, just manage the shape of tree with ribbon exactly and that’s enough.

Cute Birthday hat shape cards:

2. Handmade birthday card idea

Birthday celebration attain too much importance for all of us that’s why make this day special for your loved ones by giving this pretty hat shape card. Just cut the shape and fix the flower or button on the top. Write happy birthday on small ca5rd and attach it to this hat.

Be mine handmade card:

3. Be mine card design for lovers

A lot of tiny hearts are looking lovely; you may search the stickers in this regard that can be easily pasted to card but if it is not possible to search for hearts stickers then cut them by yourself. But make sure all the hearts are white and one is red to show your warm feelings to lover.

Beautiful flower card:

4. Beautiful handmade card idea

Cut your card in round shape and you may put the readymade fake flower that is available at shops but to create the total crafty effect, cut the flower and tuck the button at centre of flower. Write ‘You make me smile’ and give it to the person to inspire or to give courage.

Balloon made handmade card:

5. Birthday carafty design card

This vibrant color balloon shape card is looking cute just by using stripy and floral pattern card but the stars on this balloon are looking fantabulous. This idea is also cool for the birthday party decoration.

With Love handmade card:

6. Different handmade card

Just draw a branch with flowers and bind the thread with which a heart cut small card is connected. Color the branch, leavers and tiny flowers and the heart that is looking from the card. This card can be given to any relation you love.

Get well soon card:

7. Get well soon card

I just love the amazing idea of making a handmade get well soon card where the illusion of falling flowers from a bottle to a spoon is looking tremendous. This idea is just unique and wondrous to make happy the sick person.

Valentine’s Day card design:

8. Valentines day card

This would be just more than wow by pasting the old paper cut hearts to a floral print card, present it to your lover on valentine day and be appreciated or loved.

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