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Easy to Make Card Ideas for Christmas

With the arrival of a festival, different ideas must spring into mind to make the event full of happiness and pleasure. We try to do everything with respect to the festival and by doing different activities like decorating home and garden, inviting guests to home and making different dishes we show our reverence and excitement for the event. The festival of Christmas is drawing near and you must have planned a lot to make this time Christmas more excited than before.

A lot of people are there whom you would like to wish a happy Christmas. You can do this in most pleasurable form that is by making cards for your relatives, neighbors and friends. One of the most significant thing on Christmas is the tree so you can make different styles of tree on cards to make the card relevant to occasion and the receiver will definitely like the idea. Different ideas to make a beautiful Christmas tree card are given below;

Very easy way of making tree card;

If you are time constrained then opt for this card and this is very easy to make. Cut a chart paper in normal card size and then take green striped butter paper on it the way that it gives the look of pyramid shape tree. You just need to cut the butter paper in five short size strips whose length go shorter as it go upward. To embellish the tree you can paste different beads and buttons on it. Colorful beads are for the fruits that a Christmas tree would have. For further decoration you can give an outlines to the corner of the cards with the help of another chart paper of different color or with the help of marker.

A sparkling Christmas tree card;

If you desire to make a dazzling tree on card then you can make it with the help of glittered forming sheet. By using pencil you can draw the shape of tree on glittered forming sheet and then cut it accordingly with the help of scissors. Now paste this tree on a normal size card made of chart paper. To make your tree look attractive take a red color glittered forming sheet and cut it in small size and in round shape, then attach them on the tree for making the tree a fruitful tree. Draw a small size star on the forming sheet and cut it. Then paste it on the top of tree. You can write your wishes on the card with marker.

A simple looking tree card;

Here we have very nice-looking card and three trees at equidistance are made on this. In childhood you must have played making aero planes of the paper. Now you can use your talent of making planes in card making. First of all cut a chart paper in square form and then paste three self printed chart card that are in the shape of pyramid trees. Then make aero plane shape chart paper and paste it on the flat trees to make them look beautiful. Ribbons in bow shape can be attached on the top of the trees. On the lower part write your wishes for the happy occasion.

Card with tree designed with lace;

This card will look very beautiful and you need to take lace having star on the top of it. Cut the lace in the shape of small size tree and attach it on the chart paper. White or ivory color beads can be used for embellishment. But beads of other colors can be taken to décor the tree. The contrasted colors of the chart paper and the color of lace will make the card more adorable.

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