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Different Ideas to Make New Year Handmade Cards

The New Year is on its way to come and everyone is excited to welcome it with full enthusiasm and eagerness. With the arrival of the New Year we see different kinds of celebration. People of every age have their own style to celebrate this but one thing is common that people give special wishes to others to have a splendid new year full of happiness and joy. To show your inner feelings and heartily wishes to others the best way is to make card by your own hands and write something that you want to wish the other person.

To make card on your own is not a very hard task but a little bit time is must required for this activity. With the use of some material you can make adorable and nice-looking cards for others. This is especially for friends who like to wish his or her friend in the form of a written thing. Here we will discuss some ideas that might help you to make this year card for your friend in order to wish him or her to have a blessed upcoming year.

In the form of written alphabets;


To write in alphabetical form is a very good idea to make a card appealing and beautiful. You need to have two chart papers. For example cut a chart paper in the size of a card and then other chart paper of other color. First write alphabets in which you want to wish and cut it with the help of scissors. After cutting the other chart paper in the shapes of alphabets paste them on the first chart paper in sequence. You can decorate this chart with ribbons molding them in different forms.

Christmas tree cards;


If you like to design your card according the coming festival then make Christmas inspired cards. Tree is very symbolic in Christmas festival and you can paste a chart paper that is in the form of tree on the other chart paper. Or you can draw a tree on a chart paper giving it different styles and shapes. In the picture shown here the tree is made in the shape of hand and it is embellished with different colorful beads. These beads will signify the gifts that a Christmas tree does have.

New year card with painting;


Here we have a very easy way to make lovely cards. Cut a chart paper I the size of a normal card and the paste another chart paper on it first half portion in triangular form. Write on the first half your best wishes and on other half portion you can draw different designs with the help of paint. Making rounded circle is a good idea as it is shown in the picture given here. These rings are of different colors but these are making the card a good looking one. This card is very simple but it will not consume your time and you can make this card within a few minutes.

Champaign glass on new year card;


You can draw a Champaign glass on the front side of the card and it is very suitable as the champaign glass will depict that it is the occasion of celebration. To make this card first with the help of pencil and scale draw a glass shape on the card and cut it with the help of scissors. Now paste it on the other chart paper that could be of different color. You can embellish this with different sequins and beads. Write on one side about your wishes with mark pen.

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