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Different Ideas to Made Handmade Cards for Summer

0. summer season handmade cards

Summer is such a season which is not liked by everyone because in this season  everyone is   full in the sweat and the smell of sweat is everywhere in the winter we can carry any style dress and go on any  tour and trip because in the mild sunlight the  winter we  enjoy the   trip but in the summer the sunlight is not well  for our skin and the body it is  very scorching and many people are  dying from the severe   hotness so the schools are also closed  in the summer for the long time  because  summer  is not good and  effective season for the kids so in the summer  when your kids are free in the vacation then try to make them  creative because  creativity is the best thing to make  someone  successful  so  develop a habit of   card giving and the thanks giving cards  are nice thing to  learn them so if you want to   learn your child how to make card in the summer season then stay  with us and see the  collection of cards .

Birthday card:

1. summer season handmade cards

In the summer make the birthday card in the light color because light color are good for the summer  because it  is not too much warm  so if you are making card for the  girl whose birthday is in the summer  then  baby  pink color is best  the use of scrap 0-paoer with the floral  strips and the ribbon is making  your card  beautiful  and you  can add the sequence in the corner of all ribbons .

Food inspired cards:

2. summer season handmade cards

The  children like these cards which are something colorful and attractive  so make such cards which are liked by the kids  now in the season of summer  the people like to drink the juices and the milkshakes  because it   boost their energy and keep them fresh so on  the card you can make the  glass of juice,  any summer fruit like mangoes ,watermelons ,plum etc  with the leaves branches you can make the  glass with colorful water  paints.

For the kids:

3. summer season handmade cards

When your  children are at home means summer vacations are start  then you can make a card with their summer shoes and the clothes  because it is the  season of summer and you want  to go on the trip of a beach side and the sea side so  the   softies  and the chapel for the kids are nice choice to make on the card  some make the floral ,some lining and some dotted  with the colorful marker and the   paints.

Card for the boyfriend:

4. summer season handmade cards

If you are feeling  alone yourself  then you should  make a card   for him   use a brown color hard chart and make a butterfly  with cotton lace  it is very easy in the back of the  butterfly  apply the  cotton lace and make it beautiful with the  different crepe paper and the foamy sheet  and write your  feelings on the cards because cards are the gift way to express your feelings.

Button embellish card:

5. summer season handmade cards

The  person who wants to  make the other mood better then he or she should  give a card to the anger person   to made with their hands  take a simple  card with the white sheet  and you can color it with crayon  but if you want to decorate it with the colorful  button and the lace then   leave it white make the beautiful flowers on the card and decorate it with the  fancy buttons and  make emoji on the card  and write the message of sorry and smile.

Beach inspired cards:

6. summer season handmade cards

The summer season is good for  going on the beach sides and the  canal views so if you are going on the beach to enjoy the summer vacation then  make a  handmade card  for surprising your special one  if you are a husband and you want to surprise your wife then make the card with blue color splashes and with the different bold color make the water animal  and   at one  side make the swimming costume and the   chapel  which you wear on the  beach.

Card for grandmother:

7. summer season handmade cards

Summer season is full of fun for the kids because they are  free from the school and their  tough routine so  many people go on the tour  and many decided to  go  at  their  mother home  because  kids are  very excited to go their maternal  houses   so  learn them how to make a card for their grandmother  because  it give them a great  pleasure  take a  printed card  in white color  and use the foamy  leaves with the light color flower  and paste it you can select any color  and  write the love you  remarks on it.

8. summer season handmade cards (1)


It is very easy to make cards at home because  all the things which we needed  are available at home and they are not in the use  so you should keep in your use these things and make cards for your special one   so in this  article  described   about all the cards  and the some cards are given  for your  facility  you can see it as a example and can make card  and enhance your creativity.

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