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Creative Handmade Different Cards with Water Color Designing

0. Watercolor handmade cards

Handmade cards are the true reflection of creativity one applies with different ideas and the most functional point to consider the value of hand crafted card sis that these cards are cheap that gives you chance to handle the budget and I am giving you chance to entertain your budget freely by making watercolor cards. The idea of having watercolors on cards is the cheapest idea to give someone and when splash of colors are rejoiced on blank card, it refills the beauty differently. Just pick up the water color and reflect your inner art depicted on card, this will not only make you happy but also realize someone your love and passion for him.
Refresh your imagination and mix different color palettes to wish anything you want, mostly birthday, love, valentine, thanks, good luck, get well soon and many other cards are given to close ones making them feel important and special.
Simply you can use one color depiction or the splashes of color but keep yourself artistic making different patterns and designs. One more option is for kids, make your kids busy in styling cards and let them permit to make different cards that will refurnish their imagination power and the level of interest.
Wanna have some bountiful ideas of making unique cards with watercolor then keep on scrolling the cards designs and also Getty ideas to craft your art.

Thanks handmade card style:

1. Watercolor thanks handmade cards

In life every person finds a lot of chances to be blessed by the dear ones fulfilling your needs and apart from needs you also feel thankful for the presence of dear people in your life and the best way to tell them is to present a Thanks card. Get my idea of just taking one watercolor and spread it messily on card, you may write with Thanks with another color otherwise find a way to erase the color depicting white prominent Thanks on card.

Three watercolor handmade card design:

2. Watercolor handmade cards

Get ready to tell your loved one that ‘You make me happy’ by writing on card and making the three colors depict on card to highlights its beauty. You may try any flower upon this color designing otherwise assign the three hearts on one corner of card to express the warm feelings. Card lining with different or single color looks incredible so make this subtly.

Birthday card idea:

3+ Watercolor handmade birthday card

Birthday is the annual celebration and comes after every 12 months so it’s a big time to wait and to make the day special you can give handmade card for a bashful greeting. Use water color in two ways I have shown you in the image. The one is with abstract art of having water color design and next with butterfly, now it’s up to you to pick up one.

Arrange an activity of card making for kids:

4. Watercolor handmade card

These cards ideas are just for kids, you may guide them in making handmade watercolor cards to give to their little friends. Indulge them in this creative card making activity and provide a chance for rejoicing their imagination power.

Heart design love cards:

5+ Watercolor handmade love card

Hearts show your true feelings when you make on handmade cards and get this style of cards with only a big heart or the small different hearts made with water color. Simply write Love on it and give it to anyone who matters a lot in your life.

Valentine card for lovers:

6. Watercolor handmade  valentine card

This card is just more than wow having the color embossment and to make the water color glowing the use of shiny sequins on card is great for a valentine day card. This card is for lovers and they can present it before the special day to just ask ‘Will you be my Valentine?’

Chevron watercolor handmade card:

7. Watercolor chevron handmade card

Make the chevron stripes on overall card that will create fun and extra ordinary beautification. You can attach a tiny card to greet anything to anyone you want. Embellish the flat sequins on card to enhance its beauty.

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