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Collective Candle Designs Handmade Birthday Card Collection

Ultimately handmade cards have gained the utmost priority to present to anyone and people like to make feel special to their loved ones by creating handmade cards. On a birthday celebration the most alluring time is to blow out the candles on cake and have a great meal but do you want to take candles on your card? Yes, it looks so cute when you make a handmade birthday card with candle designs to show the birthday format fantastically.
Well it’s a great effort to form a card at home and most of all the time has great fun doing amazing work. Whether it’s your husband birthday or the birthday of father, daughter, mother, son, brother, niece, aunt and nephew, just put your qualities and show the talent but first, visit my ideas that can help you more about creating candle design happy birthday card.
Birthday is surely the great day for anyone and most of us want to have surprise that is pleasant and fantastic. To surprise the dear ones make your card, get the cake and flowers and reach at his home to stun him any way. But I am sure the most attractive thing will be the handmade birthday card as the creative things always attract everyone.
Let’s go to get different ideas and designs of birthday cards that you will surely like.

Plain and stripy candle design card:

1. Candle style handmade birthday card

This card design is very easy to make and you just need a white card with the colorful streamers. Take pink and sky blue color streamers and paste them vertically but to add the charm stripped design streamer would work well. Cut the yellow color card into flame shape and put right upon the top of edge that will give the same candle like shape. You can write Happy birthday with colored markers or simply with black color.

Real candle handmade card:

2. Candle style handmade birthday card

You may make your handmade card the awesome crafty thing by putting real thin candles. For this purpose simple plain card is enough but if you want to make it fanciful then opt for the printed pattern cards and have three candles. Paste the candles with glue stick but don’t lift up the card until it dries.

Polka dot card with big size candle design:

3. Candle style handmade birthday card

Polka dot cards are fun thing and even prettier to present to anyone especially for kids. Make the large size stripy card and attach the yellow frame upon this. You may paste this candle on card or you can hang it by attaching with a fancy thread that looks awesome.

Card made candle on birthday card:

4. Candle style handmade birthday card

I love to use card paper to create different crafty items that’s why I take this card idea that is really interesting. Just take different printed card papers and roll them out. Put these rolling papers to your khaki card one by one. Attach the same thread that is used in candles to give it the true shape of candle. Present it to your loved one and be appreciated by everyone.

Ribboned candle style on card:

5. Candle style handmade birthday card

Make a simple greeting card and take the twisted candle or you can use the twist design color pencils that is easily available in market. To make this candle attractive a silver ribbon will look great bind fascinatingly.

Fabric made candle for card:

6. Candle style handmade birthday card


Well I have told that you can use different pattern streamers to make candles on card but you can also use different stuff and design fabric that can cut into long candle sizes and put them card one by one. These different textured candles will create a charming effect on your crafty birthday card.


Use the hard card paper while making as handmade card and for writing beautifully, glitter pen can be used to make simple handmade cards fanciful.

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