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Beautiful Handmade Cards For Mother’s Day

Mothers are the great blessing of Allah and no one can deny the importance of mother in life because if someone is deprived with mother, its life becomes dull, colorless and useless. So for the mothers to feel their importance in life, just one day is specified for mothers as like other days as Valentine’s Day,

Mother’s Day is also celebrated all around the globe. But all around the world this special day is not celebrated at the same date, different countries it is celebrated at different dates, some celebrate it in the month of March while others in the month of May and usually on the second Sunday of May.

In most of the Arab countries, Mother’s Day is always celebrated at the spring equinox on 21st of March.
It doesn’t matter that when the day is celebrate but the matter is that how can we celebrate it in the honor of our beloved mother and to celebrate the day there is no condition of age.

If you are middle age person and your mother is alive then you can celebrate it to make your mother feel happier and it is not necessary that arrange a celebration party yet you can celebrate it by giving your mother a gift or handmade card.

Usually small children o0t r kids are more excited about their mother’s day than the adults and they like to do different things for their mothers as they like to made cards with their hands. If you also want to make feel happy to your mother then you can do this by giving her greeting card or a handmade card.

Here we are giving you some ideas; by following these you can make a beautiful mother’s day greeting card for your beloved mother.

You don’t need to buy any kind of costly material for your card, you can make it with material available at home as beads, buttons, pearls, ribbons etc. take a white or any other light color chart, cut it out in your required size and fold it like card,

use different colors, sizes and shapes of buttons and stick these to the card with the help of a glue in the shape of a bouquet, use green marker or paint and paint the stripes as vines of the flowers and then use a red silk ribbon and make a bow tie as your flower bouquet is tied with the ribbon.

Write your inner heart feelings of love for your mother and present the card with a beautiful gift to your mother on the special day.


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