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Beautiful Handmade Card Ideas For Loved One

Demonstration in love is really very important and your lover or beloved would always like to listen your inner feelings and sentiments for him/her. A very lovely way to show your love for your loved one is by making card for him/her and you can make him/her feel special by giving time in making the card for just to please him/her.

If there are going some disturbance in relationship then wait for initiatives from the other person but with some lovely activity make him/her forget all what happens in past and get a new starting together. You can describe your lovely feelings in the card and to make cards some ideas are shown here for you:

Heart shape designing on card:

This card is very simple to maker but the heart shape designing is looking lovely making the card look full of love. Cut white color chart paper in the size of normal card and then taking red color chart paper make heart shapes on that and cut them.

After cutting different sizes of heart shapes paste them on side of the card. You can write anything on the other side as if it is valentine day then write on the other side would you be mine valentine. This card will give very pleasing feeling to receiver.

Beautifully designed card for our beloved:

A big size heart in the center is filled with small size hearts. This is giving the message that your heart is full of love for your beloved. White and candy pink color contrasted designing is making the card look awesome and fabulous. With glittered paper write below the hear love and also some words praising the beauty of your beloved. This will make her please a lot.

A card with the key of heart:

This designing of card is looking very nice and the theme behind it is very deep. The key symbolizes that you have now locked your heart and now your lover is only in your heart because you have given her the key.

This card will make your lover have smile on face and he will feel very happy with this expression of love. Attach key on the pink color card and décor it with ribbon in bow style and butterfly with golden chart paper will look very complementary for the whole card.

Butterfly and floral designing on card:

On white color card the designing with purple color will give tremendous look. Using hard chart of purple color you can draw different designs ion that and then cut that. The oval shape designing on the center is further made beautiful with butterfly and floral designing in it. This card is looking very nice and sophisticated with its designing and style.


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