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Beautiful Designs of Handmade Cards for Males

Handmade cards are creative and reflect a person’s ability that how much artistic and creative mind he has. Whenever you have to wish someone, the best way is to present a beautiful card that was an old custom and still alive at this time, however the rapid use of social media has changed the trend and most of the people now consider it enough to wish on the timelines. But you can revive the tradition of sending cards for whatever the event or occasion is.
For grooming the art sense, the making of handmade card is bashful activity, if you have a little interest in art then start it by creating cards designing that will further give you chance to enhance your ability.
We must tell our loved ones, the importance they have in our life. I have collected a fit collection of handmade cards for males it may be your father, husband, brother or the boyfriend.
For handmade cards you do not need to spend too much money, just explore the crafty items that mostly available in home and paste it to any color card to create a beautiful greeting card.
The most important fact about any handmade item is that it is cheap and you can ready in less budget. Ok! Get ready to have mind blowing ideas of craft card designs and present it to your guy on any occasion to tell him the value and make him feel special by writing or expressing your feelings, surely with love.

Handmade card for Dad:

1. handmade card for boys

This idea has captured my attention due to the impressive design. The card has been developed by using the checkered fabric and reshapes the card into a well sophisticated button up collared shirt. This is most easy to make at home. Just take black two buttons and put them into sequence to give the perfect shirt shape. Take the any pattern rib boned bow that is easily available in market. Paste the tag on one side to wish your loved one, for father or for husband.

Beautiful card for Valentine’s Day:

2. heart design guys card

Express your warm feeling for lover on Valentine’s Day by making handmade card as you can see in the picture. Take the blue color card and put different sizes hearts attached with a sleek golden thread. Well these hearts can be made with hard cards but if you want to make the card fanciful then a glittery or glossy texture red hearts cut from fomic sheet would look sparkling.

Loving boyfriend card design:

3. handmade card desiogn for boyfriend

To make the boyfriend feel special just present him the cute handmade card that will make him feel your love and the precious time you have spent in making this pretty card. To make this card take any color card in rectangular or square shape and create the two souls body with the help of black color pointer. For head replace buttons to enhance the more cuteness. Make small red hearts around these and dedicate it to your boy.

Best wishes card for brother:

4. simple handmade card idea

If your brother is going to give interview or experiencing new things in life, give him the best wishes by presenting this simple but decent card. Simply you are needed of card made ribbon and a cloud shape small tag in which you have to write the best wishes for your brother. Small size buttons would create a charming effect on this simple card.

Handmade birthday card:

5. best handmade card for male

Birthday celebration is common and enjoyable for anyone but don’t forget to give a wishing birthday card to your loved one guy. For example if your brother or husband love the heavy bikes you can produce it and paste to card to make him wow.

Beautiful card for lover:

6. beautiful idea of handmade card

It’s an impressive chance to get charm by creating a beautiful card for lover and make him stun that how much you love him. Use the natural things like leaves and rose that stands for love feeling and design them with a ribbon bow on card. You can also present it to husband on your marriage anniversary.

Polka dot and stripes on card:

7. handmade card design

Create fun by using polka dot and stripes design cards for making ties to make a wonderful handmade card for guys. Reshape the card by pasting three ties and give the card a readymade look.

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