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Amusing Handmade Card with Monster Designs for kids

Crafty items attain the attention anyway because of the unique designs and when it comes to make a handmade card for someone especially for kids, it is just a pretty fine activity to make you indulge in and have a great time. Little kids always like cartoony characters even on their school bags and other things in which of them we have decided to introduce some funny card monster designs that will make the kids smile on their birthday.
Kids usually inspire by monsters and you can make the handmade card by yourself, by creating the funny expressions. You cannot deny the fact that smile on a kid face is just precious than any other thing in the world, so find opportunities to present the funny card to your niece, nephew or the kid of your friend to just make him feel special on different events, most importantly on birthday.
The wondrous thing about making or giving a handmade card is that these are budget friendly, yes it’s fine to give craft card made by you than purchasing a readymade double in price.
You may write funny quotes too, suits on the personality of that kid that will make him happy. For the cards ideas I have given the pictures below, take a glance.

Sea green Monster card:

1. Funny monster card idea

The card is easy to make, just cut the three colors in different sizes circles for eyes and two teeth that is incredibly looking humorous. Wish the kid a very happy birthday and give this card that would be a precious one card for kid.

Polka dot card design:

2. Handmade monster birthday card

Take any color tiny polka dot card and attach the eyes, paste the edgy teeth upward to create amusing expressions and that is all. Write the birthday wishing to Monster birthday and create fun for all who will look this card.

Sophisticate monster with funny face:

3. Funny card design

This is just a wow card with having red ribbon bow that is making the monster a sober and sophisticate one, put the rounded zig zag teeth and small black beads to tuck for eyes.

Minion monster card:

4. Handmade card for kids

Minions are the favorite character of kids, so you can have minion monster card with the hair cut with paper card and paste it at back the card. Make the rounded eyes and for giving glasses shape paste two black card stripes horizontally.

Open mouth monster card:

5. Funny birthday card for kids

This open mouth amusing smile monster card is very pretty to present to a baby boy if he is angry and tell him that smile is more beautiful than your anger.

Handmade card for baby kids:

6. Pretty handmade card

Make different heart shape monsters that have funny expressions and give it to baby kids girls, I am sure this idea will make them smile. You may have different pattern or printed cards to enhance the beauty.

Folded monster card design:

7. Kids crafty card

Well this is hilarious even to fold the card and make the monster face in a fun way. Try this one when you want to inspire your kid during their schooling duration or best to present on birthday.


You will find it a little bit tough if you are a beginner in making handmade card but a little practice will make you command over this art activity.

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