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Most Amazing Shaker Handmade Latest Cards Designs

Nowadays everyone is searching for unique things whether the fashion accessories or to define the life style. you set for many times to wish and greet the special moments of dear ones, what you find is the delight and make the relation strong in participating the little joys of them. The most popular way of greeting someone is to give cards, card giving no doubt a tradition to give the certain relation a strong knot because it is a way to update any relationship.

What if you find the exclusive cards totally styled with unique pallets, amazingly it would be classy not only for giver but receiver too. Always the handmade items carry much attention by people, similarly we get attracted towards handmade cards too and this time once again my post has been filled with great homemade shaker cards with a new twist that will make you happy and your loved ones too who find such beautiful cards.

Shake it off and there you will have a fine style shaker card. Shaker cards however get much time because you have to manipulate a lot of material but really the formation of card can elevate you with creative time spent by you and any other too who can give you suggestions. But going with any suggestions, first think about the all designs given in our post and pick up according to the moments you are needed for to give any person. We hope that you will really love to see the designs, so here we are taking start to disclose the collection.

Say hello to loved ones by card:


Ok! Now it’s time to say hello to the people you really care for, yet the social media is as quick as the rays coming from sun but go with different way and revive the old traditions just like through giving card. This handmade shaker hello card has also love depicted by a heart in which glittery sequins can define your true and passionate feelings.

Share joy with shaker card:


Handmade cards add delight and joy in your life as its creative features really liked by everyone so we are giving you a chance to share your happiness and all little joys to close ones by presenting this shaker card that has a link with beautiful jar filled with joys. Tie the knot of jar with jute rope and give opportunity to receiver for opening up the card ready to share the pleasure.

Black handmade shaker card:


Whether you are going to tell your friend, sister, brother lover or anyone else about their lovely part played in your life, just express all through shaker card and this black card has star filled with tags of you are crazy, loving and any factor about their personality. This will be a loving thing for a receiver to know about all herself.

Card for Paris lovers:


Well, Paris is the place that is dreamy for lovers and everyone, if your loved one is crazy for Paris then make a Paris inspired handmade shaker card in which Eiffel tower can represent the beauty of card. Attach different embellished things and make it synonymous for your dear relation. Give the pretty tints of dots by attaching polka dot design hard card.

Crafty card for lover:


Lovers always eager to express their passionate feelings and nothing can be more significant way of expressing love than presenting a card that truly depicts your sentiments. Make a handmade craft shaker card where a jar is filled with love feelings and for this purpose, create small hearts and write your passion about lover to make her understand the importance she or he carries in your life.

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