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Amazing Handmade Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas is the most important and biggest festival for Christians, celebrated on the 25th of December by Christians all around the world. It is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and billions of people all around the world celebrate this religious and cultural festival gather in the country church. People are very excited about this religious festival and they start making preparations from the beginning of December.

They make new and special dresses, invite relatives and friends for feast and decorate the homes, streets and churches in the honor of this big festival. They invite the guests by sending them invitation cards and they exchange Christmas greeting cards to each other some of them like to made cards at home. Here are few ideas to make handmade greeting cards for Christmas.
Delight friends and family with this easy to create holiday card with a message, made with cut out alphabets and decorated them with pearls.

Surprise your family and friends by this cute Christmas greeting card, that is made by different colors Christmas tree, polka dots, stars and plus sign and the marry Christmas. Greeting card is made by white chart and red borders are made to make it beautiful and Christmas tree is made in the centre of the card with two colors sheet. You can make it easily with little effort and can amaze your friends and family by sending this amazing handmade Christmas greeting card.

This sophisticated card is sure to impress because everyone appreciates the handmade card. Layers of patterned paper and felt this card a texture and Santa Claus look that makes it a Christmas and holiday card stand out. This card is looking so nice and you can make your kids feel happy by making this card and sending to their friends at the event of Christmas.

These easy felt cards come together in a snap, their soft texture and bright colors will surely make these stand out. To make these cards use craft paper and then take different wrapping papers in different colors and designs and then cut out the three dimensional trees with the printed paper and paste these on the brown chart paper. In this way you can make many cards with different styles and designs of tree and you can decorate the top of the trees with beads, pearls and anything you like.

Cards can be made by recycled papers, these cards are easy to create and a fun, kid-friendly project that creatively reuse bits of papers you already have on hand. Take different color chart papers and cut them in different shapes to make cards and then decorate them with recycled papers. In this way kids can make their parents feel happy and proud and surprise their friends by this creative activity.
You can extremely surprise your card receivers by making this amazing pop up card in the shape of Christmas gifts.

Take a red card and white card, using the fold of the white card stock as the centre of the gift, with a pencil draw half of the box or square in different sizes. Use scissors and cut each line. Open the flip and the gift boxes are inside out, reinforcing the fold along the edges so the four sections point outwards. Use the glue stick and mount this piece onto the red card stock and let it dry before using the card and you can decorate the gift boxes with ribbons and glitters to make these more beautiful and amazing.

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