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2017 New Year Different Events Handmade Cards Ideas

2016 is almost going to finish  and too much memories are  connected with this season  the days which is today in few days becoming the  last days many good and bad memories are connected with this  year  some are born some are die  but for the new  year I pray the good wishes from God because He is very  beneficent and the merciful so the  new year is going to start its 2017  we should say it welcome in a great way because if we say it welcome in a smiley face then it could be spend in a  happy  way so the  exchanging the happiness  to each other because  it has no limits and  price  it can be delivered uncounted  so the cards making is nice choice and gift giving to each other to increase your love  with other  there is no good gift and the other wishing way then the card no messages ,

emails and the other  messenger app for wishing any event is good than the  cards so make your cards for your dear ones and wishing them Happy New year  and different events will come in the New year like birthday  wedding ceremony  and mother day and many other events  so make  the handmade cards  ideas here which is looking very easy and gives a sweet smile on your  dear faces stay with us and make the cards for them.

Floral cards:

Take a hard chart paper and make the card at home it is very easy  first cut it in the center and  make the  table calendar shape and  draw flowers on the card with pencils and the flowers with cards  on the hard card make the flowers and cut it  and color it with different paints and paste it on the card  it is looking so nice  for the formal look you can paste the pearls in the center of the  flowers and give it to your any love one.

Simple but creative:

Creativity is not common in every person it is  the gift  of God and it is gifted someone so if you want to make the card for your special people then  make the different pattern on the simple  cards  take the  full size chart  paper and make the  cards in the  square shape  and make the different style on the cards look nice and easy  to make if in your family  six people then give the one card to everyone because it  will give them feeling of love and affection  of your with them it’s not compulsory for you that the 6 person family members can make these cards  rather you can make many cards for your family it depends upon you.

Heart touching cards:

With the different charts and the hard paper we can make the cards  in various colors it is very fascinating and   these cards will spread the sweet smile on your face  on the card you can make the hole heart, simple heart ,  petals heart and many other hearts  red, pink ,skin ,brown and the maroon color  card with the heart shape is looking so lovely on the day of valentine you can make your cards at home  it will really fell love and  sincerity to your lovers and beloved  because it is very easy  to bit cards for  your special one with money but when you  make  it in your  spare time you will really feel happy.

Merry Christmas 2017 card:

The people who want to wishing you   merry Christmas in the  25th  December then make the card at home it is  very easy  take the hard chart and make the card  and you can use the steel clip and the  and the metal wreath style on  the card it will giving you the effect of the home coming  on the Christmas and enjoy this day with him  or her on the card  you can write your lovely wishing in the colorful  paints and the pictures are also can make on the cards.

Happy New Year cards:

The December is going to be finished so the new year is on its arrival so we should wishing the others with the good cards that will make them special so on the new year wishing everyone with the handmade cards take a card and with the glitter glue write the happy new year  on it  with the   foamy sheet you can decorate the card very well you can use the glitter paper and the colorful paints for making the cards more impressive.

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