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Make Cards On Your Anniversary To Make Your Spouse Feel Special

Anniversary day is a big day for married couples and they desire to celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and spark. They are ought to be excited because the celebration of these days can increase the mutual love and the exchange of love undoubtedly enhance the love between two people.

Definitely you will desire to make a lovely card that can communicate your love and respect for your spouse to some extent. You can make the card on your own instead o buying card from market. And its sounds more interesting and lovely to make a card for your spouse just to make home or her feel special.

Using some material you can make a card at home and it is very impressive way to show the other person how much you harbor love for him/her. Different ideas to make cards are given here that will help you in making and selecting beautiful design for card easily:

Heart shape designing on card:

On a white color chart paper red color heart shape designing is looking very lovely. This is one of the easiest ways of making an attractive card. You need to just cut the heart shape on a hard chart paper and paste these heart shape cards on chart paper that is cut in the shape of the card.

In the center one mustard color heart is the main heart and to make that prominent a color other than red color is chosen. The other small size heart shape cards are giving the message of love that is coming from the core of the heart. These heart shape designing can be interpreted indifferent ways but this looking full of love for someone special.

Make the dresses of the couple on card:

To make the dresses of the couple on card will give a smile on the face of the receiver of this card. These dresses are pointing out the couple who are very sophisticated and made for each other. You can make two heart shape cards on which you have to make the dresses.

The dress of male is made with black chart paper with a tie that is designed very artfully. The dress of the female is made just with the pearls that is giving the idea that it is for female. This card is made very beautifully and it is looking for a nice-looking couple.

A very sophisticated card for anniversary:

The floral designing done on the card is making it sophisticated and beautiful. You can take a dark color chart paper and on it with pencil draw branches and then cut it. Now paste flowers on the branches that can be of red color to make the card lovely. With the help of grace paper you can make these flowers to décor the card. Make small size card and paste them around the written alphabets of happy anniversary. This card is looking full of love and grace and you will feel very please after making it.

Two birds on card for anniversary:

These two birds stand for a lovely couple and to make these birds on card can make the card beautiful and pretty. This will signify a lot from your behalf and you can make these birds with a little bit effort. The male bird is made with blue color touch while the pink color is for female. These are looking very nice and for anniversary day this card will give a very pleasant look.

Metallic heart shape designing for card:

This card is looking really made with effort and love. The card is looking very precious and the shine it is giving is making it glorious. A metallic heart shape designing on the card is further made beautiful with golden flowers. This card is best for couple who are going to celebrate their 50 anniversary so for the golden jubilee occasion this golden color adorable decoration is looking very amazing.


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