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Handmade Wedding Anniversary Cards for Husband

Ways to make the anniversary cards at home

0. handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband

Cards making is an art and if you have spare  time   and you want to do any activity which keep your mood fresh and healthy then  there is no  other best option than that means card making   to spend your  extra time  because  firstly it make you something creative and second your time is passed  in a good  way. There are many things to present other as a gift but there is no better gift than card because the things which we find in   gift  we use that things  but  cards are remain in our life forever because  through cards we   can express our feelings and emotions  for other .Cards posted are very  old tradition  and  the process of posted cards are less than that of centuries because the internet has take place  of letter and cards but  still emotional people who can’t  express their feelings through the  messages and email they  post card. Handmade card is not tough job if you are something creative you have to need just some things which are used in the cards and these things are mostly available at home. Anniversary  cards are made for the husbands and if you are a creative wife then it is  very good you can make a  nice card for your  husband  and can collect  praise from your dear one’s .So here I have some handmade cards for you  which are very easy and elegant.

Different cards for your lovely husband:

0+ handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband

Take a simple hard card and use fur flowers and ribbons on it for decorating and white color card look very decent when you give the touch of   fancy ribbons and at the place of pink ribbons you can use different colorful flowers on the cards. Four layer heart cards is looking fabulous   in white hard chart .Trace  four heart shape  on the full chart and cut it  from scissors and  cut in this form that the  bottom is too large and cut  three hearts  big small and smaller on the bottom heart paste all three  and embellish it with beads and pearls  and  you can mention your husband name on the card and  give this card on the day of anniversary it will really give your husband a  smiling  face  and you will also note it. Take a card board and paint it according to your will and then paste the heart on it with ribbons flowers and pearls it   with these pearls you can use motifs and sitaras   for fancy touch. On the anniversary day yu should be something  select colorful and romantic like your wedding dress then you can select white card  embellish with   foamy sheet and  fabric stuff flowers and you can make a big design and paste the fabric flowers  and stones  on it look so creative and beautiful. You are a wife you have an idea that which color is liked by your husband and on the day of anniversary which color shirt is carried by him then you can make same color of his shirt select for making card if he like skin or brown color then you should make a skin and light brown card with motifs and fancy flowers and you can sparkling glowing lace to make it fancy and attractive. Make some flowers with foamy sheet and make a heart of these flowers and use a net fabric bow on the card and on the card you can use fancy buttons to make it fancier. Take a simple coarse hard paper and paste the string on the card with hard chart paper you can make heart, stars and your husband favorite things and write happy anniversary on it. For elegant decoration you can use printed card with lace and fancy patches with motifs and colorful beads. It is not compulsory that cards are only making in square and rectangle shape rather you can make    round heart and every shape which you like and can make easily then you can use fancy fabric and chart paper   with fancy buttons and bows to embellish your simple card.
Point to be noted: Cards  are very easy and the envelop which are  made for the cards are not very difficult so you can make  card   with fancy envelop and the  gift paper which are mostly used for   packing gift  can used in the  homemade card and this is the  correct time to collect admires to your husband  go with your husband on a candle light dinner and in this romantic  environment  your anniversary will be a  memorable.
1. handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband 3. handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband 4. handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband 5. handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband 6.  handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband 7.  handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband

9.  handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband 10. handmade wedding anniversary cards for husband

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