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Exquisite Collection of Handmade Anniversary Card Design Ideas

It is said that couples are made in heaven so it’s divinely decision taken place in heaven about two souls. Wedding day is auspicious for every couple as this is the day of meeting loved ones and that day is remarkable for both bride and groom that’s why every year wedding anniversary is celebrated to remember the charm of that day. For this purpose the best tradition still alive today is to give anniversary cards but it’s boring enough to buy readymade and send it to husband or wife, if it would be handmade one then surely a heavy deal because of the charm a handmade card contains. With increasing the widespread use of social media in back years the importance of card giving custom get decreased but once again the trend has groomed and everyone seems in search of little joys and surely a handmade card is the way of having and giving happiness to someone special.
You may make card for your husband or even husband make cards for wife that will make your partner feel important. There are a lot of ideas that can apply in making card but some people reluctant to make with their own hands so, don’t worry and just take a start because after starting you will find this activity interesting and even with more effort, the right type of personalized card will be ready. The joyous time spent in making card for your loving partner will remember for years and most importantly the passionate and loving feeling arouse in the heart of partner will be worth seeing. Just wish him or her happy marriage anniversary by making him feel special and tell how much importance he/she has in your life.
I have selected multiple ideas of handmade card that can be designed easily using stuff that is easily available in market or you can grab from your house too, it means this is cheap way of creating a unique piece of craft item.

Paper flower design on handmade card:

1 anniversary card design

You may take colorful papers and cut different flowers with leaves just paste them on your card and write Happy anniversary. This is not only for husband and wife but children can too wish their parents anniversary. You may mention the year to card and embellish rhinestone to the digits to make it prominent.

Heart anniversary card design:

2 handmade cards ideas

It is not only the relation of husband and wife but also the relation and sentimental connection between two hearts and two souls. That’s why representation of heart on wedding anniversary card would be delicate and romantic too. The small flowers used to make the heart on card can be designed with paper or the doe. Tie the knot of ribbon in any color or texture to show the firmness of the relation.

Delicacy of feathers on anniversary card:

3 anniversary card ideas

The relation of couple is most delicate and strong too. If you want to wish your wife then make the feather anniversary card in different colors, I have choose red and purple color so it’s your choice with which one you want to go. Ribbon, flowers and heart can also be embellished on card.

Paper quilling card idea for anniversary:

4 paper quilling card design

Nowadays the most trendy craft in handmade card is paper quilling art that looks amazing because of the intricacy in it. You may design this art to your homemade card with using different color paper but if you have no skill or idea to make this then take service of any professional who can make you learn or browse different websites that give tutorials to make quilling art step by step.

Button heart on wishing card:

5 handmade card embellished with buttons

From very early time multi colors buttons are being used to embellish not only the outfits but also cards and for a handmade card this one embellishment is so cheap that is easily available at home. You may go with one color buttons or multi color to make heart on anniversary card or present it to your parents, husband, wife, friend or anyone else you love the most.

Small floral print card idea:

6 happy anniversary card

For simplicity you can get this idea with simple small floral pattern card. This can be avail to market or you may take printed papers and just paste it into card in rectangle, heart, square, or round shape and write happy anniversary with it. If there is an addition of ribbon then this would go best with same professional look card.

Golden wedding anniversary card:

7 golden wedding anniversary card

You may make the anniversary celebrations by personalized the card or the theme. I would like to show you golden anniversary card designs for 50th anniversary day of your grandmother and grandfather or if it is your parent’s anniversary. Spruce the elegancy of white lace fabric or the tulle ribbons to card to mention the golden wedding anniversary day.

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