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“Easy Handmade Greeting Card” a Best Hobby for Kids

How Kids can make Greeting Cards for their Best Friends?

I remember very well that when I was only 6 or 7 years old then I was crazy about the creation of new things. I usually loved to play with mud & I made lots of pots by using wet mud. Then I kept all the handmade toys into sunlight. It was actually my childhood hobby but the problem with this hobby was it usually adds lots of dirt on my clothes, my hands was also full of germs (when I made pots with wet mud) & then all this actually made me to look like a little dirty girl.

I know that we are now living in 21st century but kids always shows an innocent behavior. They are innocent. They never what is best for them & what is worst for them. So, it’s the duty of their parents, teachers & elder brother/sisters to tell them what they should do or what not. When it comes to little kids hobbies then always helps your little innocent kids to choose a good & healthy activity as their hobby. In this regard I think making handmade cards can be a best hobby for the kids as compared from making mud pots. What do you think? So, today, I am basically, going to support this card making hobby by sharing some easy handmade greeting cards ideas with you. So, you can share these ideas with your little kids. Teachers can also have fun with their little students by helping them to make greeting cards for their best friends. Here I include very easy ideas. For making these cards you need less cost material. Just give instructions to the kids & let them to play with designs, colors, pens, shapes etc.

Heart, Get Well Soon & Cupcake Inspired DIY Cards Ideas:

1  making handmade greeting cards for friends

Here the first one card is created by using the heart concept. Little size hearts are first draw on a page & then cut with scissor. Now paste these hearts on the front page of the card. If you like then you can write different alphabets on these hearts for expressing a greeting message.
Second card is designed just by using colored pencils & markers. First a cartoon is created & then a message is written “get well soon”.
Third card is created simple by taking inspiration from the cupcakes. I think creation of cupcakes is not a touch task. You just need to draw cupcake shape on paper, now fill interesting color in cupcake & in the last cut the paper in cup cake style then paste on the card. You card is ready to use. Write any greeting message inside the card that you like.

Colorful Balloon Birthday Card Ideas for Kids:

2 balloon card ideas easy project for little kids

Say your little kids to design a card by taking inspiration from the colorful balloons. Just take colorful papers. Now cut these papers in round shape (mostly balloons are available in round shape, other shapes are also available but round is most common& easy that’s why here I suggest to use round shape idea). Paste these handmade colorful balloons on cards as shown above into the picture. If you like then a little piece of thread can also be attached with balloon for creating a realism factor. You can use one balloon for card décor or you can attach three or more. Balloon design card idea is best when a little kid want to wish a happy birthday to her/his best friend.

Butterfly & Candle Inspired Cards:

3 card making ideas for kids

Here the one card is designed by taking inspiration from the candles. The candles are created by using ribbons. Firstly, the vertical lines of little holes are made with proper gaps on the front side of the card then ribbon is added into these holes by following over & under pattern. In the last candle flame shape is created with white markers. This card is made for Diwali wishes (a Hindu festival).
Other card is made by taking inspiration from the butterfly. I think all kids know very well how to draw a butterfly shape. So, tell them first make a butterfly on a paper. Now fill color in it. Now cut it with scissor. Butterfly is ready to use now paste it on the card. You can use same color butterflies or you can go with different colors of butterflies. You can create vertical butterfly pattern or horizontal or diagonal as well as you can make a heart with little butterflies or you can just paste only one big size butterfly on a card. Think in a creative way!

Tell Your Kids to Use Button in Greeting Card Making:

4 handmade button cards ideas for kids
Buttons are easily available into market on very low cost. These low cost colorful buttons can also be used into the card making projects. Tell your kids how they can use buttons into the creation of different objects on the card. They can use colorful buttons into the making of a rainbow on a card. They can create bicycle wheels with button, they can use button into the making of a heart shape or wreath. All these usages of buttons will help to create very versatile designs of greeting cards by using buttons. It can become a very good & healthy hobby for little kids. Hopefully, you love these ideas. For more ideas keep on vesting this site regularly!


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