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Fun Ideas of Handmade Card Designs for Girl Griend

Handmade cards are one of kind cards when you spend little money but have a big deal for someone special. Money is not the ultimate thing but your feelings that you put in making card to present or to wish someone, though money takes part when you want the handled budget giving card and gift so don’t worry handmade cards compatibly provide chance to everyone, just make and enjoy the fine expressions looking at the card. Another way to bring the smile on anyone’s face is to give funny cards and when it comes to your girlfriend you make everything possible for her to make her happy, so why not give her funny card that will even constrain her to laugh.
There are many things noticeable that your girlfriend like and make the style somewhat funny. The misspelled way on cards is the popular these days, so you can use this trick too. Cartoony ideas are also funny to make her laugh, this would really be a wonderful thing for you the guys that your girl is laughing to have your effortful handmade card that you can make yourself.
So get ready to find the different and quirky ideas of funny handmade card that are just right to give your girlfriend.

Its thumb up to handmade card:

1. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Put the thumb to a simple card and make your girlfriend realize that these smile thumb bodies love you so much. It even cute more than funny so have this simple and wondrous idea that is easy to make.

One in a minion:

2. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Yes, you are one in a minion, how much funny this card idea is. Just make the minion eyewear and the eternal smile that will make the girlfriend just laugh.

Simple and easy crafty card idea:

3. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

The skinny boyfriend is telling you that how much he loves you; make the arms of card long just like you are giving hug and denote by writing THIS MUCH!

Love but beary much:

4. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

“I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH” write this to beautiful love bear card. Draw the bear shape to any card and define it as the bear has picked up the heart that you have put just for your girlfriend.

Polar bear funny card statement:

5. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Make a polar bear wrapping a red winter scarf around neck and write this funny statement to make your girls happy ‘You’re cooler than a Polar bear’s toenails!’

Yayyy! I lava you card:

6. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Make a pair of volcano by coloring and giving expressions making the eyes and smile, and surely with some lava. Write I lava you which is fun thing instead of writing I love you this will be really a great thing for girls.

Skelton handmade card design:

7. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Lolls! It’s an amusing thing to showcase your skeleton capturing the red heart to girlfriend and just say, I’d bone you. The skeleton can easily draw with black pointer but give it statement with red heart.

Valentine’s Day girlfriend card:

8. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Valentine day is definitely an important day for two love souls, but make your style humorous by having this idea of hammer and nails and say that I want to nail you in my love which is fun thing and just wondrous.

Happy Purrthday fun card:

9. Funny handmade card ideas for girlfriend

Its wow to misspell the birthday with amusing Purrthday, lolls. And if your girl’s birthday is ahead then this would be great thing to give her and I am sure she will give loud laughter.

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