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Wonderful Ideas To Make Birthday Cards

This way of wishing your friend, cousin or relative birthday wishes can be very old but it sounds still very lovely. You can make a lovely card for your friends although you can buy the card from market but the card made by your own hands, the happiness that card can give cannot possible by readymade card.

With just using a small quantity of material you can make a beautiful and interesting card full of love for your close one. With the birthday gift also add a pleasant looking card to make van addition to the happiness of the receiver as you need to draw some time from your daily routine and with using art you can make card in short period of time.

Here we will show you the collection of lovely birthday cards and it will be very easy for you to make these cards. Let’s see the fine collection here:

Birthday card with balloons:

You can cut a chart paper in the shape of card and then attach a printed card and above this printed card attach white chart paper. All of the three cards must be of different and in shorter sizes than the previous one.

Now paste a bow style card on the lower size and using thread you can paste balloons made of different chart papers on the card. Balloons can be made of shimmery chart paper and chart papers of other designs. These will make your card very pleasant and lovely.

Birthday card with sequences:

This birthday card is looking very attractive and adorable and it is very much easy to make. Cutting a white color chart paper in the shape of card you can décor the card with sequences that can be attached on the upper size with random motion. You can make these sequences by cutting grace paper in small circular sizes and then using glue paste these small circles size sequences on the card. This card will also look very amazing and nice-looking.

Card with different sizes of star shape cards:

This card will fill the heart of the receiver with pleasure. It is looking very nice with the decoration of different size star shape cards. Different colorful chart paper or grace paper can be used to make these star shape cards and then paste these stars on the card with the arrangement shown in the picture. Some stars are filled but some are cut from inside. These are all making the card enthralling and incredible.

Birthday card with candles:

This way of making the card with making candles of different sizes on it is very good idea and will look very pleasing. These candles can be filled with different colors and these will make the card look wonderful and colorful. On simple white color card you can make these candles and this card will look very adorable and pleasing.

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