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Making Handmade Invitation Cards for Your First Baby’s Birthday Is An Amazing Idea

Your baby’s first birthday has great importance in your life and you want to celebrate it with great pageantry and want to do special things for your sweet baby and you cannot understand what to do so we are giving you an amazing idea for your child’s first birthday.

Make invitation cards for your child’s first is a very good idea. The first things which comes to mind is how can we prepare invitation cards at home so don’t worry we will give you some useful ideas to make cards with your own hands.

First idea is that you can place the picture of your baby on the front page and write the venue and all details on other side. Your card will look good and it will easy to read. Making card with this thing is a brilliant idea and everyone can do this easily.

If you have a baby girl then make the cards with the picture of Cinderella or a princess on the envelope and you can make card with pink color because little girls like pink color the most so decorate the envelope with pink flowers, stones, pearls and lace and girls like butterflies so make a butterfly with card and paste it on the envelope. All people will like these cards. Take a white card and a pink card and make envelope with pink card and decorated the white card to write the no of birthday and decorate it with stones, pearl or anything else which you like.

This is another idea to make the envelope with different colors and tie it with a beautiful cup cake and write the details on the inner part and other things can be made like flowers, butterflies, bees and many more to tie the envelope.

If you have a baby boy then use blue color and make a sea view on the envelope like fish, water, birds and sky this card will inspire the children. Take the cards of blue white and a shiny silver card write the name of your baby and make the first suit of your baby with cards. This is an amazing idea and everyone will like this idea.

Decorate your invitation cards by making those animals with the help of cards which kids like the most for example children like cats, dogs and the elephants and you can make the pictures of these animals with different colors. And you can paste the picture of a cartoon character and this thing will make all the invited children happy.

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