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Some Interesting Ideas of Handmade Cats Design Cards

What you do with your hands by putting some effort is called handmade thing and such creative items are liked by everyone. This age is called the technology age and we are influenced by this development in a way that social media is the big communication for all of us, we meet often on social media and this way has really affected the natural social life of human being. Even now the all old traditions have eliminated and rarely the people find time for their near ones.

The common way of greeting someone is tweet or updates a wish upon face book and twitter. The past customs was totally different and the connection of people was very strong. To revive of such old customs, the handmade card wishing is great in this age that reminds us of the precious past times when cards sending was must-have to greet any of the event. Well, crafting of a greeting card at home is very interesting practice for maker and a very amazing greeting for receiver.

It also allows people to take time from their busy schedule and enjoy in creating such a pleasant card that will inspire your loved ones with the efforts you’ve done in forming such crafty item. Well I wanna showcase you all the designs of handmade cat cards that is perfect to present kids, sibling, parents and lover too. a big percentage is the lover of cat, that is why this idea of making cat handmade card for any occasion is pretty fine. Let’s have a glance at all designs.

Halloween black cat card:


Halloween is just on its way and I am sure that you are preparing to celebrate this event with full of enthusiasm. But don’t forget to greet this horror day to your relatives and friends by sending crafty Halloween cards and this window with black cat is perfect to form and easy to make with only taking the orange multi patterns card. You can also paste the different flying souls outside the window for freaky impressions.

Pop up cat box handmade card:


These days different trendy style cards are very much amazing to share joys with your dear ones. Pop up card idea in this regard can help you in greeting someone a very happy birthday by putting a 3d box with cats in the centre of card. You can create pop up handmade cards at home but with ultimate perfection of cutting and pasting.

Chevron fun cat card for kid’s birthday:

Party Cat Birthday Card

Kids love vibrant and colorful things and when you have to greet any kid on his birthday then handmade card are your wonder way to stun that kid. Add the multi color chevron striped details to card and a cat having a lot of balloons to make the kids party full of bash. For this purpose embossed card making can also be right to get flawless birthday card.

Cat meow card ideas:


Well these both ideas are great to make a cat card and give it to the cat-lover on his birthday or to any occasion when they need your inspiring greet. You can simply make card splendid by beautifying the cat picture and saying its your meow. Other card idea is very interesting, you have to cut the drawn cat from map of world and paste it to card so that it may become a unique and exclusive design card that is liked by everyone.

Cat face cut handmade card:


Cat face is the most innocent face in this world and when you make a card of cat face, it really a pretty thing for receiver. The cat face is so easy to craft and cut. You have to take a big hard card and draw the face in commonly found card size. Then you can put many things like button for eyes and thread otr rope for its face long hairs.

Happy birthday poses card of multiple cats:


This is the most interesting and crazy design handmade card for birthday, a lot of cats that are posing for alphabets of HAPPY BIRTHDAY in such a chic way. Simply this way of greeting birthday to anyone would be great deal for her to find various cats on card wishing happy birthday.

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