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Homemade Cupcakes And Ice-cream Birthday Cards For Kids

Kids are very excited about their birthdays and they celebrate it with great fun, excitement with their kids friends and family also. Finding great birthday cards for kids is not always easy so why not prepare a birthday card for a kid at home

because there is nothing more heartfelt than a homemade birthday card and by receiving a handmade card he will surely be surprised and amazed by seeing your creativity. Kids usually like ice creams and cupcakes also and it is right to say that kids are crazier about ice creams and making cards with ice creams and cupcakes is a great idea.

Kids are so much cute, naughty, fun and nice and always make you smile so take your pick from this collection of fun, interactive and cute birthday cards for kids of all ages.

It is not hard to create a birthday greeting card at home and to make it easier for you we have collected awesome birthday cards with ice creams and cupcakes that can be easily created at home. If your child likes cupcakes the most then prepare a birthday wishes card with cupcakes to make him/her pleased.

Take a khaki color chart paper, fold it like a table calendar and make small size cupcakes by using some other colors chart paper and embellishments to make your card attractive and paste all three cupcakes on the khaki card by using glue, let it dry and in the last, write your wishes in the inner side of the card along with the names of you and your beloved kid.

Almost all children are crazier about ice cream whether it is a cone or in cup, to make this cone ice cream card, you will need a plain white color chart paper, light brown and light pink, light green and cream color papers.

Take the light brown chart paper, cut it in the shape of cone and draw some lines to make your cone beautiful. Cut the other three colors chart paper like the scoops of ice cream and then paste these above the cone and use some beads if you want to decorate your top layer of ice cream with bunties.

Making birthday card in the shape of cupcake is a great idea, cut the brow paper in the shape of cup and then cut the pink paper in the cake shape and paste colorful plastic beads, rings and buttons to create the illusion of bunties.

You kid will definitely be happy to receive this cupcake shape card. Like the cupcake you can make a cone shape card also in different colors to make your beloved kid feel happier.

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