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Different Ideas To Give The Birthday Cards to Your Sister

0++ Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

Birthday is such a day  which is special day for everyone  and all the people feel joy on their special day  they want to celebrate it with their family friends and relatives  and all the people   share  his /her  happiness  because on the day of birthday all the people want to see him /her happy .

the parties are organized  in the hotels ,  houses and the    lawns  and  all the dear  ones are invited in the party  cake is served   in the guest with different  things  so with the all people   we make the day memorable and  with the happiness of our birthday we should keep this thing  in mind that one year of my life is   finished  and pray for the next  happiness .

different people give different presents to the birthday boy and the girl   and some make the cards for their  sister and friends to impress her more  because the thing which  you make with your own hands  it has too much value in the other,s eyes  so if your sister  birthday is near hen give her simple but  decent card it  give her   pleasure and she  will love  her sister a lot. So if you are interested in giving the cards to your sister then stay with us and see the different cards.

Hard chart and glitter:

1. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

Take a simple card and  or a color  paper is also good for making the card   and cut it in the shape of card  and make an envelope on the card in which the   glitters and the  other  circle shape petals are peep out  the glittering petals can be made with the foamy sheet .at the  place of circle shapes petals you can cut your petals in the  shape of heart and the  different flowers and write the Happy  Birthday with colorful  markers.

Cupcake birthday cards:

2. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

You can buy  the cake which is decorated with the cupcakes  and you  can make the favorite character in the  card  the girl who is  carrying the cup cake  for  the all coming guest and you can express your  love  for your sister through the cards because cards are best way to  express your love for the others.  At the place of cup cakes if your sister like any other thing then you can buy that card if it is not available then you can make at your own home.

Simple and unique card:

3. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

For your sister you can buy such cards which are  attractive but decent  because  your choice   show your personality  buy  a card on which candles are made and in the background the birthday scene is captured  but it is not  a tough work you  can make the candle cat at your  home take a   hard colorful chart and  do the colors in the background and make the candles with the  crayon  and the  china mud.

Beach inspired card:

4. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

Many girls like  to  spend their time on the beach side  and they are very inspired from the climate of the beach because  the cool breeze ,waving sea and the  sun set  what a  lovely scene in the evening time you  should go there and capture the scene  of  that evening   and  you can use this photo on the card  and you can also make this   painting at the  your home  and  readymade cards are also available but it is up to you which type of  card you want to give to your sister  mostly  balloons are  found near the beach side .

Handmade card:

5. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

Now a day’s very colorful charts are used by the people for making the cards and the  school charts   so if your  sister birthday o smear and you want to make the card  then you can  use different nice  color  chart but if  colorful are not available then you can  use white color  chart and paint it with the oil color  or  water color it is  very nice idea  colorful markers and the glitter permanent  pens are  nice  to write  your greeting on the cards  for a fancy  you can use the foamy sheet  stickers and the    boundary lines.

Card for the married sister:

6. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

If your sister  is married and you want to give  birthday card on her birthday then you can make a simple and  decent card  for her  because she is elder to you  so don’t  make the funny and  colorful  card you can only write your feelings  on the card  and you can  make card   at your home take a simple chart and paste a childhood  picture of  her birthday  and color it with the  paints and decorate with the  stickers.

Card for the little sister:

7. Simple but unique Card for Your Sister on her birthday

The girls who want  to give the  cards on the birthday of their little sister they can  buy the cards  in such character which  she likes  but if you are  expert in the   painting and art then you can make the cartoon character  with your colors  and markers. You can make the dolls  and the other  favorite  character of   on the card but it should be neat and  tidy and  write the wishing of birthday on the card  it is  a perfect card for  your little sister.

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