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Different Gorgeous Cards For Birthday

The day of birthday is very special for everyone because on that day he has seen the many colors of one year and now when he is going to enter in the next year for seeing the various colors. The siblings of the birthday boy and the girl make different tries to make his /her day special and memorable .on the birthday of someone everybody think about the gift because the gift is selected according to the personality because if you ignore the personality to buy the gifts  then you  are doing wrong because that thing is not suitable and useful for him/her .

now a days the  trend of card making and giving is decreasing day by day  people wished the other on the  face book ,twitter ,whattsapp and many other  social apps which can connect you to each other .I like cards and when you make the card for other then it is good for him  because you have spent your many time on card making and in the making of card your special lover is included  so  card making and the  readymade card all are good for giving  because in the cards your feelings and emotions are written.

Simple but beautiful:


On the printed stuff  hard  cards you can  make a frame style long cards and decorate it with the foamy  sheet because ir can give your chart  a fancy look  with the grey you can contrast  the different sheets because  on the dark color light color look nice and attractive at the place of the balloons you can apply the butterfly and the other insect  balloons in the different colors with the rope of it giving your balloons a  good look and your card is looking  nice.

Card for the kids

Birthday Card #3

Embossed cards are good for giving the others on their birthday and these cards are available in different shades and style it is in the square and the rectangular all the shapes you can go with the  light pink color card  which is embellished with the cake you can give them the kids because they don’t know  the feelings and the importance of the cards  so on the embossed cards you can use the foamy shade and the  hard sheet  to make the card beautiful.

Birthday card for spring season:


The spring season is very colorful and the people like this season because in this season the colorful flowers and the lush green grass with the message of love then in the spring season if you want to give wish any one then you can go with the embossed card designed with the colorful striped with the message of love and happy birthday on that card this is good and according to the spring season.

Pearl made card:


Pearl is a precious thing in the embellishing of the birthday card you can make the card at your home because it is easy and simple to make at home if your mother birthday is near and you want to make the card for your mother then you can give an embossed card embellished with the pearl and the ribbon white and the tea pink color is looking nice in the card style you can use the glitter on it for making it fancy but simple look more decent.

Lace style embossed card:


Embossed cards are very inn now days you can buy it for the different peoples if you want to make your father birthday   event special then you can buy the card which is in the dark color in the dark color the lace style is seen with the different floral style and the short stones on the flowers can make that card fancy with the card you can buy a shirt with same color it can give your father a real happiness.

Final note:

In the gallery many cards are given for you which you can buy for your dear ones with the special presents and make your dearest birthday special.

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