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Best Ideas About Diy Birthday Card for Beloved Boyfriend

On the event of birthday sometimes people get so confused about what to give especially to make the birthday celebrant happy so handmade card is the great idea. If your beloved’s birthday is drawing near, send to him a handmade greeting card this will make him feel happier and he will also feel his importance in your life.

Demonstration in love is really very important and your beloved always like to listen your inner feelings and sentiments for him. A very lovely way to show your love for your loved one is by making birthday card for him.

You can describe your lovely feelings in the birthday card and show him his place in your life, to make birthday cards for your boyfriend some ideas are shown here for you:

If you wish your boyfriend or beloved giving a card then this will inspire him a lot besides giving a lot of happiness. If you want to make the card quick and simple then take the idea from this card, take a simple and plain white chart paper,

take two large buttons and paste these in kissing style on the card and draw two figures, male and female with your sketch pencil and make tiny red hearts somewhere on the card, put it in a plain envelope and present it to your boyfriend.

If you are a teenage girl and your beloved is also celebrating his teenage birthday, then this card is the best choice to make him feel happier. This card is made in unique style, to make this suit card, take a classic black card, white and red card also.

Take white card in some small size than the black, stick it on the black card and fold the upper corners of white card making the collar shape, use a glittery red card and give it the shape off bow tie, place it beneath the collar neckline

and then make buttons with the help of black marker, your beautiful and unique suit card is ready, present it to your beloved and he will definitely be pleased by seeing your creativity.

This card is very simple to maker but the heart shape designing is looking lovely making the card look full of love. Cut white color chart paper in the size of normal card and then taking red color chart paper make heart shapes on that and cut them.

After cutting different small sizes of heart shapes paste them on side of the card. You can write anything on the other side as ‘I call it magic when I m with you”, this cute card will give very pleasing feeling to your beloved.

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