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3d Flower Handmade Birthday Cards:

Cards are the most beautiful way to express your feelings, love for your dear ones. Your card says that you can’t say. It brings a message of love, care, sincerity from your loved ones. And especially when the card is handmade it tells that how much are you especially for other person. Of course you will be delighted by receiving or sending high quality, ravishing greetings cards. There are lots of ideas to make birthday cards for your dear persons but the most exciting and trendy these days is 3d flower handmade birthday cards. Because in this modern era 3d is really an amazing thing to create some excitement in your articles. So there are nu7mber of easy tips and ideas available to made birthday cards from your hand manually in floral 3d effects.

Now in this post let us demonstrate or introduce you some easy and eye catching ideas to make handmade cards for birthdays to express your love and feelings. It always works and makes other person feel special from your side. So browse out our list and find some floral patterns cards in dulcet and extra ordinary themes with vogue appearance. Ideas like black dotted base with pink flowers, off white base with orange and peel glowers and butterflies, White base with colorful flowers etc.

So visit our gallery to find the best ravishing idea for your own style and according to your own choice.

Black Dotted Base with Pink Flower:


So it is very easy to made such type of cards you just have to cut a flower shape of your own choice and spotted it at the corner of your printed card to make it simple yet elegant piece.

White Base with Colorful Flowers:



YES I think tis the u7nique one and best one that can be adopted easily and can turn a straw into gold. Yes you can simple make by using some colorful cards, strips and some little bit tricks by folding strips to give a flower like shape.

Amazing Colorful Birthday Card



If you just want to impress someone and make him or her feel delighted with your art and card so lets just move to a little bit tough task of making birthday cards with the adornment of fabric flowers, leafs, motifs pearls etc.

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